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Oxandrolon is a symbol of the harmless use of prohibited substances. Pharmacological icon, a myrrh-pouring hundreds of liters of athletic happiness, to which thousands of athletes pray in anticipation of a successful passage through the Palace of Culture with the obligatory receipt in the final of their examinations of divine forms. The series production of this "icon" began in the mid-1960s within the walls of one of the many pharmaceutical companies in America. In fact, the course of oxandrolone is a moderate anabolic with a weak androgenic effect, but it can be said in another way, oxana is a mediocre androgen with a low-power anabolic effect . Initially, this mild steroid had a purely medicinal purpose and was used to treat women, children, and other graceful creatures, But only a few Years after the birth of God, almost that entire Anavar produced by the American pharmaceutical industry has been used by fans of a healthy lifestyle with a slight touch of athleticism. The Oxandrolone course was a good drug alternative to Dianabol, the most common steroid of the time. Representatives of different sports very quickly all benefitsAppreciated by Oxanes and began to apply it on a continuous basis in their steroid cycles.

Oxandrolon campaign:

Build a rigid dry muscle
Increase in strength indicators.
Effective fat burning.
Increase the synthesis of growth hormone somatotropin.

If while receiving other steroids, there are possible problems with pressure, the course of Oxandrolon even in severe doses, keeps blood pressure within normal limits.


Oxandrolone for men. First, the drug is recommended for men as Oxandrolone does not enter into an organism Estrogen is converted. This is especially true for athletes over forty.

The drug should be taken on an empty stomach so that you can get maximum effect. To improve the body should take Oxandrolone from 15 to 25 Take mg per day for 6-8 weeks. Most often to improve the way the drug works in conjunction with other steroids.

For drying you can use the drug Trenbolone (150 mg per week)or add Primobolan (200 mg per week). Before taking Oxandrolone, you must consult a doctor. He will prescribe the correct dosage to determine one course the treatment and, if required, Choose additional funds to get good results.

Oxandrolone for women. This is one of the safest anabolic steroids for women. It is used in medicine for osteoporosis. Children are prescribed to stimulate body growth.

Side effects of taking Oxandrolone

Hepatoxizität (Liver toxicity): moderate (weak). Despite the fact that the drug is an alpha-17 alkylated steroid. As the studies have shown, receiving an Anavar was receiving pro Day at a dosage of 20 mg for 12 weeks does not reduce the level of liver enzymes (these are indicators of liver damage).

But in this one Fall you should know the first signs of liver damage: easier Stool, dark urine, pain in the right Hypochondrium.

Oxandrolone is not converted to estrogens, i.e. those Side effects such as: gynecomastia, water retention, acne (acne), sedimentation according to the female type, etc. absence.