Condition: New alternative to: Mesterolone (Proviron)


CONTENT: Provironum, 25mg (10 pills)

Provironum produced by the thai pharmacological society Shering is a steroid drug with strong androgenic activity and moderate / weak anabolic effects, used both in sports practice and in medicine. In medicine, the means described is primarily used for treatment and therapy of Diseases used,associated with impaired sexual function in men - decreased potency, male infertility, loss of strength, hypogenitalism, and others.
Im Course of the Sports (in bodybuilding, weight lifting and other popular disciplines today) will Provironum mainly used as a tool with anti-estrogenic properties (can prevent / eliminate estrogenic side effects - gynecomastia, fluid retention and others),

Effects Provironum

  • Improving Sexual Desire
  • Muscles acquire additional hardness and relief.
  • The quality of the seminal fluid increases
  • Has weak anabolic and androgenic properties.

How can I take Provironum?

The course of Provironum often includes compensation for side effects that may be caused by the ingestion of other anabolic and androgenic steroids. And to be more specific, one can discuss the expediency of using the drug to get rid of such estrogenic manifestations, such as a decrease in libido. The daily recommended dosagevaries from 50 to 150 milligrams and will be in accordance with the Experience of the athlete in the application of sports pharmacology, the severity of the course and his last Goal, as well as some individual physiological indicators determined.


The effect of provironum will be null and even negative if the drug is used during follow-up therapy. As is known, the main goal of PCT is that Restoration the production of your own testosterone. Of course, you cannot use androgens here, including provironum, otherwise you will simply press your own level of the male hormone and the PCT will turn into a play on words.

Side effects

Not toxic to the liver in moderate doses, which makes it safe to take for several weeks during the course. Does not suppress the axis of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicle. [8] Given the chemical nature and the similarity with dihydrotestosterone there are possible side effects such as prostate Hypertrophy and male pattern baldness in the scalp.

To avoid periodic examination of the prostate is recommended. Caution in use After taking the hormonal substances that are part of the preparation Proviron, very rarely observed the formation of benign, and even less often, malignant liver tumors. In some cases, the intra-abdominal Bleeding, caused by such tumors pose a life threat. When a man using Proviron has severe upper abdominal pain, one Liver enlargement, or the