Condition: New alternative to: Testosterone propionate


CONTENT: Testopin-100, 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)

Method of application: Testopin-100 BM will be pharmaceuticals administered in injectable form.

Steroid-Klasse: Testopin-100 BM Pharmaceuticals is the parent steroid from which every other steroid and each subsequent steroid class is derived.

Primary use: Naturally produced by men and women alike, testosterone is essential for normal physiological function of both sexes. It is the primary sex hormone in men and a secondary sex hormone in women that is responsible for regulating many of the defining physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our being. However, it is the influence of the hormone on muscle hypertrophy that is of central interest to BB’rs. In fact, despite having testosterone around 80+ years ago, it is still one of the most effective muscle building AAS available today. Why? Well there are a couple of reasons for that. While testosterone doesn't have the greatest anabolic effects, per mg, through androgen receptor binding, Its favorable safety profile allows it to be used at higher dosages for longer periods of time than most other steroids, resulting in a comparatively greater increase in protein synthesis. Additionally, testosterone works to build muscle through a variety of other mechanisms, such as increased androgen receptor counts, increased IGF-1 levels, increased satellite cell activity, and increased growth hormone production ... but that's not all. Testosterone also improves nervous system activity and strengthens the alpha girl set, which in turn can allow the individual to lift heavier and harder, indirectly increasing muscle hypertrophy. Another well-known effect of this drug is its ability to dramatically improve sexual functioning and libido. In combination with a drug such as Viagra on an as needed basis, One can notice oneself to a virtual sexual superhuman in an instant. The benefits associated with this compound are numerous, with many claiming it to be their favorite all-round steroid. Testosterone is an amazingly well-rounded compound that is properly used by BB’rs, strength athletes, and all other athletes. Als eine allgemeine Richtlinie, diejenigen, die das Maximum in Masse & Stärke Gewinne wollen wahrscheinlich eine höhere Dosierung von Testosteron Propionat zu nutzen, während diejenigen, die in erster Linie daran interessiert sind, eine höhere Qualität zu suchen, um ihre Muskulatur wollen eine niedrigere Dosis verwenden, während Sich stärker auf nicht-aromatisierende Verbindungen stützen. Testosterone propionate is less likely to cause water retention compared to longer esters.

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