Testover P vial


Condition: New alternative to: Testosterone propionate


CONTENT: Testover P vial, 10ml vial (100 mg/ml)

Testover P - is the shortest living testosterone produced by the Vermodje company. The active ingredient in 1 ml -100 mg. Testosterus P is an injectable steroid, the active ingredient of which is planted on a short ether propionate.
Testover P , the name of this drug for slang fans of power sports, as any of the testosterone is subject to conversion into female sex hormones (aromatization), but due to its rapid involvement in labor and a short period of action, is characterized by an extremely low incidence of Estrogen-dependent side effects effects. When using Testover P there is no excessive accumulation of water, there is no increase in blood pressure, the risk of catching gynecomastia is minimal, And the muscle mass collected with Testover P. is characterized by excellent quality and rigidity and relief. That's the reason why Testover P , combined with other drugs with a short life (Stanazolol, Trenbolone Acetate, Tururabol) is so popular to use in the drying and formulation of muscle mass in the pre-competitive preparation and preparation for the beach season.

How do you do Testover P?

Beginners can limit themselves to the solo course of the drug. It should be taken in dosages of 100 to 200 milligrams every 3 days or every other day. This amount of substance is enough to give a significant anabolic effect to an inexperienced athlete. In minimum doses, Testover P is recommended for Endurance tourism . The Pharmacokinetics of the drug is such that its maximum concentration in the blood is observed 1-2 days after administration. On the third day, the testosterone level in the blood drops significantly and by about 5 - the initial value is reached.
Testover P takes 4 to 8 weeks. At high dosages, it is recommended to take antiestrogenic drugs. Inhibitors of aromatase or tamoxifen should be included in the course from the second week and last until the end of AAS use or as post-course therapy.
Tremendous synergistic effect in increasing strength, muscle mass and creating muscle relief.

Testover P reviews

Testover P is a very good, versatile drug that does both solo shows good results as well as in combination with other anabolic steroids. Gives one good thrust for the strength indicators. Combined with a weight loss diet burns fat and prevents it Muscle damage , helps to recover after heavy training. The risk of the occurrence of estrogenic side effects is minimized.

Side effects

If you use the drug in dosages over that take recommended , you can actually get pain at the injection site, increase the level of unmotivated aggression, manifestations of gynecomastia, acne and acne on the body, excess hair, increase in the normal size of the prostate, inhibit the production of your own testosterone hormone (which has the desired rhythm a few months after steroid withdrawal). Women can show masculinization. Therefore only properly selected with the doctor dosage a guaranteed synergistic effect, which manifests itself in the form of muscle mass, an increase in physical strength, endurance and the creation of a beautiful relief.

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